What I’m working on in 2021

I've talked about this on my YouTube channel, but I want to start to blog more so I decided to write about it too.

I published Milk in October 2018, Followed by Lily the Limpet Gets Lost in September 2019. I had big plans for 2020 - a children's picture book as well as a contemporary fiction novel.

Well, I shelved the contemporary fiction project because writing fiction is pretty out of my comfort zone and the manuscript needs a lot of work. Then, thanks to the pandemic, I lost the sources of income that would pay for illustration on the children's book (book selling events and school visits).

I tried, I really tried, to illustrate the book myself. I did course and watched a tonne of YouTube videos. I made progress, but I had to admit to myself that I wasn't doing a good enough job, and it was also stressing me out.

As soon as I let go of the idea I immediately wrote another book. In a month! That book has just been through editing and is scheduled for release in late summer/early autumn. However, I intend to release the picture book first.

In order to finance this picture book (and, in turn, to help my business recover from the pandemic) I will be using Kickstarter, which is nsw to me. I've also decided to use bulk, offset printing, rather than Print-on-demand so that I can get a better finish and a cheaper cost per unit. All big changes really!

The illustrations are underway and I've announced this project on my channel - it's a gentle story to help explain the concept of breastfeeding to children, and it's called....

If you're interested I've set up a Facebook group to share the progress and excitement around Milk and Cookies.

So, what am I doing at the moment? I'm communicating with the illustrator, preparing files and prepping for the Kickstarter. I've also finished going through the edits for autumn release, but I've kind of parked that as it's not my priority right now. I've also been slowly (painfully) editing the audiobook for Milk - one day I'll get it done - maybe 😛

So, I've got a lot in the pipeline and I'm thoroughly enjoying it, especially after 2020 sucked so much!

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