Milk - Emma Rosen - COVER WIP6 x2

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Emma Rosen assumed that breastfeeding would be easy. After all, it is the natural way for humans to feed our offspring and women have been doing it for millennia. 

Motherhood turned Emma’s world upside down. Despite meticulous preparations and the best of intentions, breastfeeding was one of the greatest challenges she had to face. With conflicting advice and mounting pressure to stop from family, friends and health care professionals, would Emma be able to overcome the many obstacles and breastfeed her baby, as she so desperately wanted?

In this memoir, Emma tells her story, interwoven with everything she’s learned about why, in our society, breastfeeding is far from easy. Milk is both emotional and heart-warming in the way that only a mother’s story can be. It is a must-have book for all breastfeeding mothers and those supporting them.