My book release

One of the things I’ve fantasised about, since publishing a book seemed a likely possibility, was having a book launch. I am so excited to be in the infant stages of thinking about organising the real thing.

I have decided to coincide my book launch with an important date in the calendar of my local breastfeeding support group, since they have been such an important part of my breastfeeding journey (and that is, after all, what my book is about). I asked my friend from the group what the date of this birthday would be and she told me the 20th October. Me being me, I forgot to actually look at the calendar to see if this was when the actual celebration would be. Typical.

So it transpires that my release date is the 22nd rather than the 20th. This is no bad thing, it buys me an extra two days for one thing. Also, I realised this is during the children’s school holidays so my whole family can come and be a part of this important milestone for me.

So, I’m thinking cake, snacks, promotional bookmarks, and my best Instagram poses (and of course a cheeky vlog)

Exciting times 🙂

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