The end is in sight!

I’ve been writing this book for nearly eight years. Over two years ago I finished my complete first draft. At the time, I said that if my book was never published…that if it was simply a gift to my children… it would still be something to be immensely proud of.

Although I have visualised holding my real book more times than I can count, today it feels more certain than ever before. After an intense few months of editing (particularly through June where I had a big error to fix), I am reaching the culmination of my journey.

Milk: a story of breastfeeding in a society that’s forgotten how went off to the designers yesterday. Now I get to think about fun things, like getting my blog going, fixing my website, waiting for the designs to arrive… This is actually going to happen, and soon, too.

I’m in an amazing mood today. I’m proud of the hard work I’ve done and the exciting future of this project 🙂

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Take care,

Emma x

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